Author: Cate Guarnery

Cozy Dog Drive In: History on a stick

Its tagline “Try ‘em, You’ll like ‘em” is a bit of an understatement. Cozy Dog Drive In—located on historic Route 66 in Springfield, Ill.—is home to arguably the best corn dog (or, as they call it, “cozy dog”) you’ll ever have. And while the corn dog is undoubtedly the signature item on the menu, Cozy Dog Drive In is more than a good corn dog: It’s an historical landmark. Stick it to ‘em Despite popular belief, Cozy Dog doesn’t claim to be the inventor of the first-ever corn dog; that’s an argument left for another time. However, no one...

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DogHaus “Sooo Veggie”: It will fool the most rabid carnivore

Stopping at the DogHaus on a recent trip to LA was almost an afterthought. We had been there before, and we were just looking for a cheap place to have a few drinks and snacks. It was the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the Dog Haus in Pasadena had $1.25 sliders and $3 drafts and house wines from 3pm to 6pm. It seemed like an obvious choice. However, once we arrived, our group of six (four eager-to-imbibe adults and two active kids) grabbed one of the long picnic-table-like seats and started to scrutinize the menu. While the idea of $1.25...

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Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden: Just go!

European zoos are impressive, and they just don’t compare to their American counterparts. But it’s also true that a zoo is a zoo and, visiting one may not be a top vacation priority. But if you’re going to visit any zoo on a trip to Europe, Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden is the one to see.

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